How to Unlock PC or Tablet with My watch and Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow provides a smooth, uninterrupted, safe, and connected experience between your smartphone and computer or tablet. Authorize your computer or tablet with your smartphone, transfer files between the devices, sync your notifications, and share the phone screen on PC/Tablet.

Samsung Flow

Key Features of Samsung Flow

  • Samsung Flow Smart view allows you to share your phone screen on PC or Tablet.
  • With the help of Samsung Flow, you can securely access your PC.
  • It also allows you to transfer files to another device.
  • You can also check your smartphone notification on your computer or tablet and reply to the messages directly.
  • Samsung Flows even allow you to enable Mobile hotspot.

Samsung Flow Features


How to Unlock PC or Tablet with My watch and Samsung Flow

Step 1: Install Samsung Flow On Your Watch from Galaxy Store

On you watch press the Home key and launch Galaxy Store. Once you are in Galaxy Store, tap search option and choose Samsung Flow. Find the install option and tap on it, this will download and install Samsung Flow on your watch.

For Galaxy Watch users Samsung Galaxy comes pre-installed so you can skip the installation step.

Once Samsung Flow is installed on your watch you are ready to pair it with your computer or tablet.

Install Samsung Flow on Watch

Step 2: How to Pair Watch to The Tablet/PC

Once Samsung Flow is installed on your watch launch Samsung Flow, go through the introduction and proceed.

Select Manage devices > Add new device +. Next, go through the on-screen information. You will receive a prompt regarding the lock screen is required to use Samsung Flow on your watch. If you are okay with it, tap OK.

Select Type, choose what type of lock you want. Put in your credentials and tap Use for, and then select Screen and payments.

Now lock your watch, and then unlock it with the newly created screen lock. Relaunch Samsung Flow, select Manage devices, and then select Add new device +.

A pop will display on your watch asking you to allow it to be seen on other Bluetooth devices, make sure to check the allow option. Also, ensure that Samsung Flow is open on your computer or tablet. Now select Start and search for Bluetooth devices. From the list of Bluetooth devices select your watch and tap the check on your watch. Now just proceed with on-screen steps to pair the devices.

Step 3: How to Unlock Computer/Tablet Using the Watch and Samsung Flow

After the pairing, you can now use your watch and Samsung Flow to unlock your PC/tablet. To do so, start your computer or tablet. Allow your PC or tablet to connect with the watch. During the connecting process, it may prompt you to allow your PC/tablet to connect with the watch. Put a check to allow. You will now see an option to Always allow on the pairing screen. When you put a check on the prompt the device will connect automatically in the future.

In case if you leave it unchecked, you will see a screen with a green check and red X. Tap the green check or simply rotate the bezel counterclockwise to unlock the PC or tablet.

Unlock PC or tablet using Watch and Samsung Flow

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Unable to Unlock PC Using Watch with Samsung Flow

In case you are unable to unlock your PC with your watch even after setting up the Samsung Flow then there might be a possibility that devices were disconnected because your PC went to sleep mode.

Please ensure that the watch and PC are paired and connected before using the watch to unlock your PC. In case you have restarted your system in between then unlock your PC manually and then reconnect the devices.

Enable Samsung Flow– Press the power button on your watch. Swipe to and select Samsung Flow. Now scroll down, tap the switch next to simple unlock.

Wake the PC Up from Sleep Mode– It is good to know that Samsung Flow is not designed to wake your PC from sleep mode, it can only unlock your connected PC. On your PC press the space bar or any key to wake it from sleep mode. Now tap the checkmark located on the right of the connection request screen on your watch.

Wrap Up

I hope this article helped you to learn how to unlock your PC or Tablet with your watch and Samsung Flow. In case you are unable to unlock your PC using your smartwatch and Samsung Flow then make sure PC is not in sleep mode and the devices are connected.

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