Steps to Backup Android Device Data

Its always safe to keep a backup of your Android data from time to time as you never know when you may fall into situations where you can lose all your pictures, videos, messages, files etc. Believe me losing such precious data is very frustrating. In order to avoid such situation, I will provide you some steps to back up your data.

Save Android Data to Your Computer

Data like pictures, videos, WhatsApp messages, call logs, documents audio files etc. can be transferred from your Android Device to your PC or Mac.
  • You have to connect your Android device to your PC or Mac and copy all the files manually to the hard drive of PC or Mac. You have to manually backup all your the files from time to time.
  • Connect the Android device to Windows computer or Mac using the USB cable. When you connect Android device, you will see a prompt to select charging, transfer files or transfer photos, you can also go to the USB Connection option from the Android Notification area. The options can vary in with different Android brand, select Transfer Files or USB Mass Storage.

Transfer android files to PC

  • Now select the Android device on your PC your Mac, The Android device may appear as Removable Disk on your Windows PC or Mac. Select the SD card or Android internal memory and open it.

Android device connected to PC

  • Now copy all the files and save the files on your PC or Mac.

Backup Android Device Data Using Google Drive

If you have a Google Account you can back up Apps and apps data, call history, contacts, device settings, photos and videos etc using Google Drive
  • Open Settings on your Android device.
  • Tab Google.
  • Tap on Backup and the Tap on Backup now.

Backup phone data to Google drive

These backup steps provided in this article are very easy to follow and avoid data loss but somehow if you have lost data before following up the these backup options, still you can recover your lost Android data using Android Data Recovery software. Both Windows & Mac versions are available to download.

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