Phone Switch- Complete User Guide To Transfer Data Between Phones

Complete Guide to Transfer Data From One Phone to Another

Phone Switch Tool allows you to transfer data from one phone to another in few simple step. With the help of Phone Switch Tool you can transfer data between Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian phone. It allows you transfer data between these OS very easily.

Please follow the Steps below to transfer data between Phones:

Guide to Transfer Data from One Phone to Another Using PC

Download and install Phone Switch Tool on your computer.

Open the tool and select Switch among various options.


Recover Android data


Now Connect both the phones to your PC. As an example we will take data transfer between iOS and Android phone. The data transfer will commence from the source phone to the destination device. You can switch the source and destination using the Flip option.


transfer data between iOS and Android

Select all the files which you want to transfer, Now hit the Start Transfer option, Make sure phones are not disconnected during the process for the successful transfer.

phone switch Transfer progress

You will see an option Clear Data before Copy box, this option allows you delete the data on the destination device. If you want to delete data you can opt for it by putting a check on the box.
All the data will transfer to the destination phone successfully in few minutes.
Data Transferred Using Phone switch

Guide to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Phone without Using PC

In case you do not have a computer and want to transfer iPhone data to Android device, you can use Phone Switch- iOS to Android app.
On your Android device, log in to your iCloud account to download data. Now you have to connect iPhone to Android, you can use iOS to Android adaptor so that direct data transfer can be done.
Download and install Phone Switch- iOS to Android app from Google Play Store.
Phone Switch App Download

Steps to Sync Your Data from Your iCloud Account to Your Android

Once you install the Android version of Phone Switch App, tap on Import from iCloud.
Import From iCloud
Enter your Apple ID and password to log in to your iCloud account. In case you have two-factor authentication enabled then put in the verification code.
Log in to iCloud account
After some time, you can see all your data from your iCloud account. You can now select the data which you want or you can select all files as per your need and tap on Start Importing.
Data from iCloud
It may take some time to complete the import process. once finished, you can close the app and check all the data synced from iCloud on your Android device.

Steps to Transfer Your Data from Your iPhone to Your Android Without iCloud Account

Launch the Android version of Phone Switch, and tap Import from USB cable. Now connect your iPhone to Android device using iOS to Android Adaptor.

Phone switch import using USB

The app will start the scan of your data on your iPhone, it may take some time depending the amount of data stored.

Phone switch start import after the scan

Once the data is detected, choose the data which you want and tap on Start Importing.
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