Android Transfer Tool- Complete User Guide

Steps to Transfer Files Between Your Android Device & Your PC

Please follow the steps provided below to transfer files from your Android device to your computer and vice versa.

Export Pictures/Videos/Music From Your Android Device To Your PC

Download and install Android Transfer tool on your PC and click on Transfer and connect your Android device.

Recover Android data

Once connected you can see your device as connected, the process is very simple and similar for any type of file transfer, it may be pictures, videos or music.

Transfer Android file

Go to the Photos tab on the top and select the pictures you want and click on Export > Export to PC.

Select file on android transfer

You will see a file explorer window. Choose a location where you want to save the pictures from your Android phone or tablet to your PC.
This feature also allow you to transfer the complete picture album from Android device to your computer.
Transfer photos from android phone to PC
Apart from exporting pictures to your computer, the tool also allows you to export pictures to other Android phones/tablets or iOS device. Connect your Android or iOS phone/tablet to your PC and select the location where you want to export, it will transfer all the selected pictures to the device connected.
File exported from android device to computer

Transfer Pictures/videos/music From Your PC to Your Android Device

Go to the Photos tab on the top. When photos tab is selected you can see all the picture albums on the left. Choose the picture folder to transfer the new added pictures to your phone or tablet.

Transfer pictures from computer to android phone


Now Click on Add followed by Add File or Add Folder.

Add file or add folder to transfer photos from computer to android


In case, you need to choose only few pictures, click on Add File. Make a new album and add pictures in the newly created album. Make a right click on the photos category on the left and click on New Album. Click on Add Folder in case you need to transfer all the pictures in one folder.

Transfer files and photos from computer to android phone

Now choose the pictures or pictures folders and transfer it to your Android phone or tablet. Press and hold the Shift/Ctrl key to select several pictures.

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